Meet The Founder

Award-winning speaker, author, and student success strategist, Linnita Hosten founded Excellence Brainery with the purpose of coaching minority high-school students to college and career success.

Linnita has held various roles in the education field, including Private Tutor, Co-op Home School Instructor, Adjunct Professor, and College Access Case Manager. After earning a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Association Leadership, she became passionate about ensuring students successfully attained college degrees. Linnita has conducted 700+ hours of workshops, keynotes, and educated families on the importance of advanced education with an Investment Plan.

Her book, The College Strategy, creates meaningful connections between degree attainment and career preparedness for students, churches, and community organizations. 

With Linnita at the helm, Excellence Brainery is equipped with seasoned Curriculum Writers and Student Coaches.


Meet The Team

Curriculum Writers

Curriculum Writers are highly-skilled classroom educators with 8+ years of experience specifically working with diverse student populations.


Curriculum Writers assist students by:

  • Designing culturally relevant career and college education materials
  • Conducting research and sharing information on Black history, current events, education trends 
  • Creating activity-based lesson plans

Student Coaches

Student Coaches are junior and mid-level education professionals who provide program support for the professional and personal development of students. 


Student Coaches provide students with:

  • Encouragement to maintain enthusiasm to complete 100% of their program
  • A listening ear to discuss ideas, suggestions, and plans for informed decision-making
  • Consistent motivational support to achieve their goals

What Clients Are Saying


Our students received timely advice on navigating careers, balancing life responsibilities, and overcoming obstacles. Linnita was dynamic, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven speaker with a wealth of resources and  valuable ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Trinity College, College of Business Faculty


Linnita, our guest speaker, was AMAZING. Our students loved her speech and I was pleasantly surprised at how she would stop to allow people to ask questions and how engaging and comfortable that made our students feel. We had never had an event that turned out so well.

TRIO SSS Director, Thomas College